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Thank you for your interest in Doran Productions! We recommend that you browse through some of our past performances to see if your music is compatible with what our audiences have come to expect from us. If you think that your music blends well with what you see on our pages, we welcome your introduction. We are always looking for top-quality music for our audiences.

A note about the theater: The Mt. Angel Performing Arts Center is a small theater where you are up-close and personal with the audience. There are 100 permanent, old-style seats in the theater (which means they are not as large as today's theater seats) and we are able to add 70 banquet chairs if there is a sell-out crowd. That's it . . . 170 total seats is the limit established by the Fire Marshall. The theater itself is not fancy, the outside is very humble, but the acoustics in the theater are wonderful! There is a complete sound system and stage lights. Plugging into our sound system means that we can record live performances. The stage is a raised platform about four feet from the first row of audience seats. From the stage, even with a dim house and stage lights, you can see to the back wall of the theater which means you can see your audience and enjoy their reactions.

We expect our programs to be suitable for all ages and ask that our performers adhere to family-oriented language and dress. Although our typical audiences are older, we do have a couple of families with young children who attend faithfully.

Our normal ticket price is $12.00. For performers who travel a long distance, we do occassionally raise the price, but still try to keep it at $15.00. We pay performers a set guarantee - or - a percentage of ticket sales. Not both. For traveling musicians, we also try to provide lodging the night of the performance, food in the evening and food the following morning. If you live close enough to drive, we do not offer these added benefits.

We do everything we can to advertise your concert, but we count on you to promote yourself. The most successful concerts have been ones where we are all working like crazy together to make sure everyone who likes your type of music knows you will be here. We print and distribute 150-200 8-1/2X11 inch fliers in both color and grey-scale on colord paper. We distribute approximately 100-150 large 11X17 quarterly colored posters as well that feature your band and five others. Posters and fliers are in seven towns and cities surrounding Mt. Angel from Salem north. We send email notices before each concert to approximately 900 people. Although we used to send quarterly postcards, we are re-evaluating that cost to determine if it remains a benefit. For bands whose music is compatible with KBOO radio, we arrange for announcements and possible air-play. We post concerts to newspaper events pages and maintain this website to keep as many people as possible informed.

To do the best possible job of advertising, though, we need these things from you at least six weeks before a scheduled performance:

  • High resolution photos, preferably in color and preferably in digital format, at least 300 dpi and 8-1/2X11. Most web-based photos will not work for printed fliers or posters. They may look large on your monitor, but they are not a high enough resolution to be printed. Please make sure you have appropriate photos available that you can email to us.
  • Band and individual bios. These can be emailed to us and we are able to access several different word-processing formats.
  • If yours will be a CD Release concert, please also send us the cover art and title of your CD
  • Please do not send photos or bios without first contacting us, but be sure to mention in your initial query that they are available.

We try to provide a limited number of complimentary tickets for performers. If your parents or your spouse are coming, we will be happy to accommodate them. Do not expect us to provide complimentary tickets for all your friends, fans, and relatives, however; these are your audience!

Doran Productions
P.O. Box 64
Scotts Mills, OR 97375
Ph: 503-873-9611 * Fx: 503-873-3561

Ken Doran Executive Producer; Stu Rasmussen Ent. Co-Producer
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