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Doran Prodctions began in as an idea in 2002: Ken Doran loved music, wanted to bring it close to home and have ticket prices low enough that normal people could actually afford to go to a concert without having to drive and park in a big city to do it. The he discovered that the Mt. Angel Performing Arts Center was sitting there virtually unused except during Oktoberfest. The owner turned out to be Stu Rasmussen, a man Ken had known for years, having met him when Ken was a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Silverton and Stu was on the City Council for that town. Stu had already started the process of turning the MAPAC into a venue for live performance: he had wired in a sound system and sound board, professional stage lights and a small studio where performances could be recorded and taped as well as theater seats and acostic wall surfaces. They reached an agreement on rent and responsibilities and shook hands.

The next big hurdle for Ken was getting his wife on board. Margaret had a certain amount of experience in web-building, writing, and graphic design and he needed her to accomplish the advertising end of building an audience. As a music lover herself, he didn't have to work too hard to persuade her that she really wanted to do this.

Then the kids were pulled in. There were still three at home, so if they helped with printing, cutting, ticket sales, the snack bar, getting stuff ready before each performance, decorating and whatever else they wanted to take responsibility for, they'd actually get an allowance, something novel in the Doran household. Two have since grown up and moved away. Only 17 year old Garrett is still involved. Through these years, we have watched him go from a fledgling guitarist to a masterful musician. He frequently plays during seating if he is not working, in school, or on a Search and Rescue mission. But his wings, too, are getting stronger every day.

Last, and probably even the most important, Ken needed a good sound technician who was willing to work for almost nothing. Ted Hazel, the worship team leader at the Doran's church, Scotts Mills Friends, willingly climbed aboard and volunteered his time without even an allowance. Doran Productions was up and running!

Every year, Ken and Margaret re-evaluate to discuss where they've been, where they are, and whether or not they can continue in their labor-of-love. From the very beginning they decided that as long as they didn't lose money, and still had the necessary time (it takes a lot!), energy and enthusiasm, they'd continue. The reality is that it's hard to quit something that you really believe in; something that supports the arts and your own community; something that provides beauty, bolsters and holds people up in difficult times. It's a good thing Margaret still has a full-time job, because the one thing they have managed to do is lose money almost every year; some worse than others. Still, the notes from the bands, the musicians who see you in other places and give you big hugs for what you're doing, the faithful fans who can't afford big ticket prices, the people who can't drive anymore . . . all these make what we do at Doran Productions worthwhile. Each year as we re-evaluate, it is these things that keep us going.

So in the end, we exist for all the musicians out there, many of whom have become friends and all of whom we respect and admire. We exist for the music-lovers who can't afford to go anywhere else. We exist for the major "stars" who love the venue that gets them back to the basics of what they do best: connect on a very personal level with the people who come to be a part of their music. We exist for you, whoever you are, if you have once come to Mt. Angel to share an evening or an afternoon of music with us. We hope you come again. - Ken and Margaret Doran

Doran Productions
P.O. Box 64
Scotts Mills, OR 97375
Ph: 503-873-9611 * Fx: 503-873-3561

Ken Doran Executive Producer; Stu Rasmussen Ent. Co-Producer
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