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Stage Shots

Meet your Hosts!


Making a Joyful Noise!
Currently Producing Celebrate Music! at the Mt. Angel Performing Arts Center in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

March 7, 2009, Roundhouse
Saturday, 7:30 PM

    Roundhouse returns to the stage to make up for the snowed-out Christmas concert. We may miss have missed their traditional "Twelve Days of Christmas," but they will more than make up for it with their signature sound, original contemporary bluegrass, spirit-lifting lyrics and audience appeal. Come in out of the rain . . . you won't want to miss greeting spring with Roundhouse bluegrass!


March 22, 2009, Laura Cortese
Sunday, 3:00 PM Matinee

    The Laura Cortese Band has vowed to get you "OUT OF YOUR 2009 RECESSION DEPRESSION!" They've got the energy to do it and have planned plenty of audience participation, some fun and games and a few door-prize give-aways to make sure everyone has a great time. Laura is an Irish fiddler, but our audiences first met her in Mt. Angel playing bass for Uncle Earl. Multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, high-energy performer, all around good-time-girl, and determined that you will leave happy!

Laura Cortese
Laura Cortese

March 29, 2009, Beppe Gambetta
Sunday, 3:00 PM Matinee

    Beppe Gambetta, right from Italy and one of the original "Men of Steel," Beppe's programs are a little bit of heaven. One of the world's top flat-pickers and loved by young and old alike, be prepared to be wowed by his flat-picking mastery! If you close your eyes, you'll believe there is more than one man with one guitar. Ladies . . . prepare for your hearts to melt with a beautiful serenade. Beppe will present the music of his newest CD release, "Rendez Vous," and it is FABULOUS!!

Beppe Gambetta
Beppe Gambetta

April 4, 2009, Tom May
Saturday, 7:30 PM

    Tom May, is a real Folk Hero . . . keeping the music he loves in your minds and on your lips. He has vowed to keep American Folk music alive in the hearts of young and old, portraying those past heros who carved out a way of life in this country and made it great. A singing, but mostly unsung hero in our midst. For lovers of traditional and American folk music that encompasses the roots of who we are from imigrant Irishmen and Celts to African slaves, the music mixed, the words came from their hearts and they grew a nation.

Tom May
Tom May

April 18, 2009, Great Northern Planes
Saturday, 7:30 PM

    Great Northern Planes plays stand-up bluegrass with style and energy. Their acapella is superb and they feature one of my bluegrass favorites . . . a fine rendition of "Diana." It'll knock your socks off! These guys started the Celebrate Music series for us six years ago and they just keep getting better with age but unlike wine, they don't mellow much; they're still full of high energy that bluegrass takes. Traditional and contemporary, they'll keep you entertained the whole time!

Great Northern Planes
Great Northern Planes

April 29, 2009, Don Edwards

    Don Edwards, cowboy balladeer and National icon, Don is the finest gentleman you'll ever have the priviledge of meeting. He's known world-wide for his excellent down-home show full of heart-warming story/songs, tales of the cowboy life and his own, very personal take on the times we live in. He knows every cowboy song you ever remember. Come hear a real master at work . . . you'll be swinging along in the sadle and hunkered around a campfire. Don Edwards is matchless!!!

Don Edwards
Don Edwards

May 16, 2009, Frank Messina Band
7:30 pm

    The Frank Messina Band, is a 16-piece 1940s-style swing jazz band that pulls out all the stops for the big band sound of a different era. We're going to take down the stage and put them on the floor so there's plenty of room to cut a rug or try that new jitter-bug you've been waiting to try! This is a concert and DANCE! Plenty of brass and those old-time tunes that kept the country dancing through the ends of a depression and brought the boys back home from a war. Sound familiar? Some things really are worth repeating!!

Frank Messina Band
The Frank Messina Band

May 23, 2009, Bryan Bowers
7:30 pm

    Bryan Bowers, World-renowned autoharp master, singer/song-writer and teller of stories and tall tales, Bryan has won over generations of fans making music on the autoharp that you never knew existed. Purely delightful with down-home humor and everyone's favorite folk/roots/freedom songs that you just can't get out of your head . . . in a good way, of course! Loved by young and old, it's a special treat to have a master of this caliber on our stage!

Bryan Bowers
Bryan Bowers

May 30, 2009, Garrett Doran - Stratification Theory
7:30 pm

Stratification Theory
Stratification Theory

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