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Making a Joyful Noise!

Currently Producing Celebrate Music! at the Mt. Angel Performing Arts Center in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

September 9, 2009, Waddie Mitchell

    Waddie Mitchell is the premier Buckeroo Poet of the United States. Loved by cowboy fans all over the world, Waddie' unique, story-telling style will have you hooked on the cowboy life and hooked on poetry. This is a rare opportunity to meet the famous cowboy poet up-close and personal. Cowboy fans . . . take note! View and print a flier here: Waddie Mitchell flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Waddie Mitchell
Waddie Mitchell

September 26, 2009, Misty Mamas

    Misty Mamas, has been playing together for 4 years but collectively, these women have decades of experience playing and singing in harmony. They serve up home-Style bluegrass filled with powerful harmonies, traditional and original songs as well as tasty instrumentals combining the American genres of bluegrass, old time, Gospel, folk and country music. Family friendly, the band can include interactive songs that engage the younger set and weave historical secrets and local lore into their performance. Their music is rich with history, steeped in tradition, and performed with character and enthusiasm. Special treat: they'll be introducing their first and Brand New CD!!! View and print a flier here: Misty Mamas flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Misty Mamas
Misty Mamas

October 10, 2009, Hanz Araki & Colleen Raney
Saturday, 7:30 PM

    Hanz Araki, is an international master of Irish flutes and together with Colleen Raney's lilting Gaelic vocals and Cary Novotney on guitar, they'll have you dreaming of Ireland and ready for jigs, reels and laments. These performers create an authentic sound that encompasses not only the heart of Ireland, but the roots of our own Irish-American heritage as well. They share the songs and styles that helped create the Apalacian music that became the very soul of American roots and bluegrass, passed from generation to generation. You'll fall in love with the original and these superb musicians! View and print a flier here: Araki-Raney Flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Hanz Araki & Colleenn Raney
Hanz Araki & Colleen Raney

October 25, 2009, Bluestone County
Sunday Matinee, 3:00 PM

    Bluestone County, is BLUEGRASS!! From traditional to contemporary, the band features powerful vocalists and accomplished instrumentalists, all from the Mid-Willamette Valley. Polished and poised, eloquent and experienced, Bluestone County brings a refreshing air of artistry and true craftsmanship to all they do while keeping the audience engaged and energized. View and print a flier here: Bluestone County Flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Bluestone County
Bluestone County

November 6, 2009, Tiller's Folly, the celebration continues
Friday, 7:30 PM

    Tiller's Folly , a fantastic contemporary Celtic/Bluegrass band and national Canadian treasure. This is one of the most exciting, hard-hitting bands to appear on the Mt. Angel stage and they're back after three years. These guys know how to keep you movin' and groovin' with a beat that you just can't resist and music that's full of energy and drive. Lawernce Knight is one of the finest bass players you'll hear anywhere and they keep rich traditions alive with original song-writing by Bruce Coughlan who mines the history of the Celtic/Canadian past for inspiration. A pure music celebration for all ages! View and print a flier here: Tiller's Folly Flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Tiller's Folly
Tiller's Folly

November 20, 2009, Hanneke Cassel
7:30 PM

    Hanneke Cassel, Scottish Fiddle Fireball! Cassel, former US National Scottish Fiddle Champion and native of Port Orford, Oregon, plays with exuberance, energy, and a sense of playfulness that is irresistible. She has toured and taught across the US, Scotland, Sweden and Austria, encouraging students and mesmerizing audiences . . . leaving them all breathless! Her fiddle compositions are passionate and sophisticated, her style percussive and compelling. Natalie Hass will join Hanneke with wild, percussive cello and Christopher Lewis completes the trio with lead and rhythm guitar. This group is SCORCHING!! Hanneke's programs are always superb and she'll be introducing her brand new, hot-off-the-press CD, For Reasons Unseen View and print a flier here: Hanneke Cassel Flier - A Media-ready flier is available Here

Hanneke Cassel
Hanneke Cassel

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